HCIAS Publications

The HCIAS runs its own scientific and academic series and is co-editor of several publications on the social, cultural, ecological and communicative complexity of Ibero-America.

HCIAS Working papers

HCIAS working papers on Ibero-America

This HCIAS series publishes peer-reviewed working papers on Ibero-America from diferent perspectives and research fields such as Geography, Communication Studies, Political Sciences, Sociology, Linguistics, Theology and Cultural Studies. The published papers explore the reality of ther region from three main areas of research:  “Transformations and Social Cohesion”, “Globalization and Mobility of Cultural and Natural Heritage” and “Social and Cultural Communication”. 

Quarantine Aesthetics – Reflections on Arts, Visualities and Body Experience in the Era of Covid-19
Author(s): Miriam Österreicher (Heidelberg University)
Linguistic Analysis of the Newspaper Discourse in Brazil: The Older People and COVID-19
Author(s): Thaís Dias de Castilho Ehrler and Sybille Große
Mapping Military Roles in COVID-19 Responses in Latin America – Contours, Causes and Consequences
Author(s): Ariam Macias Herrera and Aurel Croissant
Reexamining the International Importance of Languages
Author(s): Francisco Moreno Fernández and Héctor Álvarez Mella
El español en Europa

El español en Europa

This book series, co-edited by HCIAS, publishes the research output of the project Spanish in Europe that analyses the linguistic and cultural geography of Spanish and its speakers with a specific focus on the dynamics of migration, demography and education. The series will include thirteen books with studies on the demography of the Spanish language in all European regions. 

Demolinguistik des Spanisch in Deutschland
Author(s): Óscar Loureda, Francisco Moreno-Fernández, Héctor Álvarez Mella, David Scheffler
Demolingüística del español en Alemania
Author(s): Óscar Loureda, Francisco Moreno Fernández, Héctor Álvarez Mella and David Scheffler
Cover Revista No. 38

Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana

RILI is an international peer-reviewed journal, co-edited by HCIAS,, that publishes studies on Ibero-Romance languages inside and outside the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world, as well as other languages that are in contact with them, in particular, the African, Amerindian, Asian, and Austronesian languages, and the creole languages that arise from the contact with Portuguese and Spanish.

Issue XIX (2021). Nº 38. Thematic section: Cortesía y pronombres de tratamiento en la Península Ibérica (1700-1950)
Issue XVIII (2020). Nº 36. Thematic section: Nuevos enfoques y desafíos metodológicos para el estudio de la lingüística misionera latinoamericana (siglos XVI-XVIII)
Issue XIX (2021). Nº 37. Thematic Section: Pluricentrismo y codificación lexicográfica